Kantama project

The Kantama project guides companies to participate in domestic and foreign market events and supports the internationalization process of small companies. The purpose of the project is to gather information from fairs, street markets, seasonal events etc. and expose how companies are able to attend these events.

During the project, study trips are arranged for the entrepreneurs. During these foreign trips, the participants become acquainted with the events and local entrepreneurial organizations. Participants can gather information about product criteria at the specific markets.  Furthermore, the objective of the Range –project to develop co-operation between entrepreneurs so is that the companies of the target country could represent Finnish products on local markets and correspondingly, the Finnish companies would and sell the products of foreign small enterprises in Finland.

The information gathered in the project is transmitted primarily in a visual form with the help of the videos within the internet. In joint seminars, experiences are shared with entrepreneurs and experts. Also, the project helps the entrepreneurs to develop visual forms of communications as well as other capabilities needed in foreign events.

The project focus on the small companies of food, handicraft and natural products. However, all small rural star-ups as well as developing organizations and “wannabe entrepreneurs” are welcome to participate in the project.
Duration of the project: 1.5.2016–31.12.2017

Total budget: 158 401 euros


  • The Rural Development Programme, ELY Centre, Northern Ostrobotnia
  • The municipalities of Oulu Arc Subregion (Ii, Simo, Pudasjärvi, Utajärvi, Vaala)
  • Private companies